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Yes I could run seperate wires down there I'm even thinking of doing that way. I believe they're both normally open and isolated but I'll check. I know for sure the dry contact in the panel I'm installing is normally open.

So just so I'm understanding clearly, if there's ever a problem in the generator on the roof, the relay changes state and the normally open dry contacts close causing the signal coming from the main floor security panel to get its signal.

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I'd want the separate wires because then it can be a separate message to the system, I'd much rather have two lights for two faults than one light that narrows it down to two faults.

But I don't like to touch these things, and if I do, I want clear written communications with the person responsible for that alarm, so that I don't screw them up, or get blamed for screwing them up.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts