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They picked the wrong substation, they should've went to the one on Waugh Chapel in Gambrills. No one can see you from the road. :laughing::whistling2:

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This one was interesting to me cause it was right down the street and there was 2 degrees of seperation where I know some folks that went to school with these guys.

Ha I had to google FAS babies..

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> That happens so often in some areas it stops being funny.

It has spooked the scrap-metal dealers here. I doubt I could sell regular pole ground wire.

So the thieves steal different wires and sell to different buyers.

Snips of local news:

Three charged with theft of utility wire from FairPoint {telephone}
"...cut down and removed several hundred feet of telephone service lines ... The wire was made of copper encased in aluminum {sic}... more than 200 Greenbush residences losing telephone service for extended periods of time, included the ability to access 911. ...loss and replacement costs exceeding $30,000."

Richmond veteran pleads guilty to stealing copper wiring, pipe fittings from {U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ buildings in} Togus
"....394 pounds of wire and 15 pounds of pipe fittings ... to support his drug addiction ....faces up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000."

Milo man pleads guilty to causing more than $43,000 in damage while stealing copper from Bangor Hydro
"Weston estimated that he stole more than 1,600 pounds of copper from Bangor Hydro facilities.
"The copper theft on July 11 at the Brooksville substation tripped a breaker at that site, causing power to be cut off to several towns served by that substation." {Including me!}
"...he stole copper from substations in Milo, Orrington and Brooksville
"The damage inflicted at a substation in Derby, which Weston admitted breaking into three times, and a switching station in Enfield, which he also admitted...
"The break-ins in Derby took place on Nov. 24, May 26 and June 2, ...also admitted to taking copper from the Milo substation on Nov. 24, and May 5.
"In addition to those thefts, Weston confessed to stealing copper from the Enfield switching station and the Orrington substation on May 3, and June 4."

Busy boy.
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