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DWP union chief snubs auditors tracking $40 million in spending

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Months ago I remember hearing that it was used for safety outreach and training.

Brian D’Arcy, leader of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s largest union [I.B.E.W.], failed to appear at a meeting Wednesday morning to begin explaining how more than $40 million in ratepayer money was spent by two nonprofits he co-manages.
City Controller Ron Galperin is attempting to audit the nonprofits -- the Joint Training Institute and the Joint Safety Institute -- following a Times report in September that showed the city-owned utility had only scant information on how the money has been used.
The organizations, created to improve relations between the city-owned utility’s managers and unionized workers following a series of contentious job cuts in the late 1990s, are run by D’Arcy and DWP General Manager Ron Nichols. They are funded with proceeds from ratepayers' electricity and water bills.

Federal tax forms filed by the nonprofits offer only broad summaries of the organizations' outlays, including more than $360,000 spent on travel from 2009 to 2011 and nearly $2.4 million spent on "other."
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There are dishonest people in all walks of life. Hopefully the IBEW can recoup some of their money if indeed this person ripped them off. Sad
It wasn't the IBEWs money it was the ratepayers . from the article

They are funded with proceeds from ratepayers' electricity and water bills
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