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Eaton 100 amp service

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Has anyone used the Eaton 100 amp 12 24 BR type main breaker meter
EUSERC? What I need to know is is there nockouts in the back of the panel to bring in the romex's. The service that I'm changing out is way higher than the present code requrements and there is no slack in the romex's to bring hem in the top or bottom. I know I can drill a whole in the back but Home Deopt doeesn't show the inside of the panel to see if there's room for two inch whole to come in from the back. If this doesn't work I will have to put the meter socket outside and a panel inside the garage. Any advice? Mike.
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I guess I've never seen a meter main that didn't have room to come through the back. If its in stock, open it up in the store.
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