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Eaton non-fused dual throw safety switch as service entrance

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I've been asked to install backup power on a small well pump-house. The easy way to do it would be interrupt the outdoor underground service conduit and attach an arktite receptacle for the generator connection, but I'm unsure about OC protection. The panelboard inside has a 100A breaker that the load lugs on the transfer switch would terminate on. The generator would also have its own integral OC protection, so I wonder if I'd have to use a fused transfer switch or not with it being the main termination point of the service feeders. The Eaton transfer switch is rated as a service termination point.

Transfer switch: DT223URK-NPS

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If understand correctly, your going to put electricity into the feeder supplying the pump panel?
Will that not create a stray voltage problem back at the service?

The Eaton switch provided is not a transfer switch, it is a general duty safety switch.

I am very confused with what your trying to do.
If it's the first disconnect on the service it has to have OCPD of some sort. If there's a fused disconnect that acting as the service entrance disconnect already then you can use a non-OCPD transfer device.

Remember that once you install a new service entrance disconnect you'll have to fix bonding and grounding too.
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