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Electrical Concrete Curing Bed

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Hey all, first year apprentice here trying to figure out the wiring for a 400 ft. Concrete curing bed. The bed was shipped up here from the states. The bed was shipped with no control panel either, so that im in the process of doing once i figure out the bed. The bed is fed from a 75 kva transformer. The bed is 3 ph 277v i ran to it cables to a junction box to tye in the ends of all the feeds for the elements. What im not understanding is that there is 6 heating circuits and that one phase from each circuit goes into another circuit to balance the load. Some of the wires were cut and and labels fell off during transport so im not able to identify them. I have ohmd some of them out but some just get continuity once i start making connections. Any input greatly appreciated. Thanks shawn..