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Electrical estimate, questions about feeders and circuits

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Hi all, I am brand new to the electrical field, and I am learning to write electrical estimates. I'm currently working on a 3 story commercial build, I have feeders run from transformer to electrical closet on first floor, as well as Emergency lines from the generator. I converted the conduit from PVC to EMT since I am now above-ground, and I am reading the feeder schedule that was nicely provided with the prints. My issue: I have two breaker panels, listed to be in the same room on the first floor, but there is no measurement listed for going between the two panels. Also, these two panels are both in the Emergency power room, and conduct up to third floor (I'm thinking that they stay in the same location, not conduct back to the Main E.C. then go vertical). The conduit between the two panels is specified as different than the conduit leading to the first panel, then transmitting from the second panel. It IS listed on the feeder schedule though, which leads me to believe that the panels are not right next to each other! Please advise?
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