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Electrical PM (preventive maintenance) programs

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Hello all. I am an industrial electrician by trade working in Ontario Canada. I have recently began work for a new employer who, despite being in business for a few decades, has no electrical PM program. The task of establishing one has been dumped in my lap. Where to begin? My first thought was to scour the equipment work histories and/or work orders but this documentation is scattered at best. Anyone out there been part of the development or resurgence of a PM program. I'd like to hear some ideas to incorporate into mine.
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I'm in the states, so that may disqualify my opinion, but if I were you and considering having lighting be part of the PM offering, I couldn't do it in good conscience offering to replace fluorescent and HID lamps and ballasts. I'd offer to at least retrofit any non-working fixtures (or those with dead lamps) to LED. I couldn't sleep at night replacing old fluorescent and HID crap... I know some contractors might enjoy the steady paycheck, but they do so serving their best interests, not their customers'.
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