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Electrical PM (preventive maintenance) programs

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Hello all. I am an industrial electrician by trade working in Ontario Canada. I have recently began work for a new employer who, despite being in business for a few decades, has no electrical PM program. The task of establishing one has been dumped in my lap. Where to begin? My first thought was to scour the equipment work histories and/or work orders but this documentation is scattered at best. Anyone out there been part of the development or resurgence of a PM program. I'd like to hear some ideas to incorporate into mine.
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I’m in the “pessimist” camp by virtue of being continually disappointed in the general unwillingness of “management” to be willing to get behind the idea of PM. In some industries, repeated COSTLY downtime events have forced the collective acceptance of it, for example most oil, gas and petrochemical industries, because ignoring PM causes things to literally blow up. Yet still, I’ve been to a couple of refineries that ignore it anyway and they DO have events, they pay the fines and lawsuits from the survivors, and apparently consider that to be less expensive than regular PM costs. But many other industries have a “run to destruction” attitude and I’ve had people in those facilities tell me that their owners / managers classify repair costs differently in their accounting systems than they would PM costs, which from a profit and loss standpoint at the end of each fiscal quarter, makes them look better if the costs show up as “emergency repairs” rather than “overhead” maintenance costs. It’s a twisted way to see things but it is pervasive.
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