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It's funny, they say it's not really different, but then why is there a difference? They say now they can pay market rate for talent, if market rate was more they'd keep their mouth shut and pay lower so I definitely feel like it's a tactic to pay less. Because in their eyes the union contract has inflated the pay above what they think is "market rate".
If you ask someone what it pays, and their answer isn't a number, or at least a range between two numbers, they're trying not to answer. "Market rate" is a meaningless non-answer.

If someone's paying well, they are eager to answer. If they are paying jack ****, they'll be evasive.

Someone has to explain supply and demand to the management of this company, and that they are looking for high value skills in a labor market with way more demand than supply.

Now if they want to spend less on someone, go cut the pay for the HR drones, seriously any nitwit just out of school can do those jobs, you could probably train one of those helper monkeys to do most of their work. You hear me @AmhilNA?

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@splatz i think this whole thread will be an eye opening explanation to them
now they know what a small group of electricians from coast to coast think
now they know they cannot get real electricians for that money
now they know they better be nice to their union guys

OH Wait .... i forgot
does that decision come from the monkey or the handler?

are they even intelligent enough to learn from their mistakes?
21 - 26 of 26 Posts