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Ex elevator mechanic here. 12+ years in the trade before withdrawing from the union. My $.02 is what has been said before. You need to ride it throughout travel. Stand in the center of the elevator and shift you weight on your feet side to side while traveling if like mentioned above there is slop in the Guides/Roller setup you will feel it. Also you have to consider if the main rope sheaves have has the bearing blocks greased. The condition of the ropes. Some roped elevators have a rope clamp brake that will trip and clamp down fast to the ropes is this dragging. What is the condition of the rails? The building compresses over time and will cause the rails to not be true any longer sometimes even causing compression bulge where the joints are. When it was installed the rail should be true / plumb to within 1/64" both directions off the blade. I had experience where elevators were loaded violently at a mid floor and the impact of the load on the elevator knocked the rail supports out of alignment when the cab pushed back from the impact.

I also agree not to use a circuit breaker. It would be much better to use the proper fuse disconnect.

Have the motor windings been tested? - Mechanically secure connections in the motor wiring box? . I can't remember if that was mentioned.

Max capacity I would not think is so important since you have a counterweight that is stacked for 125% of full load you are moving up and down with an empty cab. That said your weight stack is at the bottom (pit) when your elevator is at the top floor. slowing and stopping to arrive at the top floor will ramp current also when you depart the top floor you are pulling that stack up as the cab travels down so high current to get things moving as you depart the floor.

Another thing to consider is the connections of the load center the CB is mounted in. As well as the connections that feed the load center.
Where I work now we will get a CB trip in a machine cabinet that every now and then is caused by a poor connection with the buss bar connection overhead not the machine itself. sometimes the problem is upstream not downstream.

As I realize I am getting long winded I also realize that not having elevator experience I should clarify above rope = Wire Rope elevator guys do not use cable : )

Happy hunting for your gremlin
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