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Ok so, I've been living in South Florida for less than a year and I just can't make any money. This is a right to work state which apparently means that work goes to the lowest bidder and screw all the union guys. I started with the ironworker's union but after a few months of that, I realized I was too smart and not big enough for that job. I have 4 years of Air Force experience in electrical work and so I decided to apply for that apprenticeship program. I have my interview date on the 20th of this month and I don't have any reason to believe I won't get in. Here's the problem: I just lost my dwelling because of a slumlord that tried to extort me and now I'm homeless. I was wondering if there are any emergency circumstances that a union hall may be able to transfer a book without much time spent in the hall. My parents live in New Jersey and I'm going to live with them but I would like to have a job when I get there. I don't want to squander the opportunity of joining this union but I'm stuck in an extreme situation.
Any advice?
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