As your business grows and you start adding more employees, you'll need a system for monitoring the jobs they're working on. If your employees are headed out to multiple service calls in a day, you also want to make sure that their work is being scheduled so that they're taking the most efficient routes throughout the day and that reports are being generated cleanly and efficiently.

Service management software can help you achieve all of these goals and help your business stay competitive by improving customer satisfaction.

What to Look for in Service Management Software

Customer Data Management

When you have numerous appointments every day and have built up a large group of customers that you're serving, you need to keep track of their information in a way that you'll be able to access it quickly. The software you choose must have a customer management system so that you can pull up not only the customer’s name and contact information, but when the last purchase was made and any other pertinent information that will make you and your employees better able to meet that customer’s needs.


The service management software should also have the capability of scheduling service calls or job orders in a way that your employees are moving through your city using an efficient route and not crisscrossing the area to keep scheduled appointments. The latter approach will only use up more fuel and put more wear and tear on company vehicles or the employee’s own truck, and neither arrangement makes sense if you want to operate at peak efficiency.

Let the software help you schedule appointments in a way that you can give your customers a time window of when they can expect their appointment to take place so that they make appropriate arrangements. They will appreciate this courtesy and it’s part of extending good customer service.

Generating Reports

Your employees should be able to see clearly what they need to do once they get to an appointment, so there's no guesswork involved. With a quality service management software package, they can access this information in the field and update it once they have completed a task. An employee can even add his own notes, as necessary.

When the time comes to prepare invoices for a customer, everything your billing department or accountant needs is available to generate a paper or electronic statement. This method saves time and money by making it easier for you to get your invoices out in a timely manner. You can even choose to offer online payments for your customers’ convenience and to increase your cash flow.

Examples of Service Management Software for Electricians

Mhelpdesk is an affordable software package is geared toward both established and growing small and medium-sized businesses. It’s a mobile-friendly option that allows any member of your team to view work orders updates in real time. Scheduling and dispatching for service calls is a very simple process using this software. It even allows you to accept payments on site and have your customers digitally sign off on a job. Start with a free 14-day trial - pricing from $25.00 per month.

ServiceLedger is service management software offering the advantage of being both scalable and customizable for your business. It allows your employees in the field and your office to connect to it using a laptop, tablet or a smartphone. This software makes scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing a smoother, more efficient process. A free evaluation is available from the Service Ledger website.

Fleetmatics Work is workforce management software that makes your business more efficient by getting work schedules and information from the office out into the field and vice versa quickly. You can store and manage all of your customer contact information in an efficient data management system. The software will update most accounting packages automatically. Manage scheduling efficiently from an online calendar and track estimates and invoices with the mobile app.
Investing in mobile service software can be a smart move for your business. It will allow you to respond to customer requests and changes to work orders quickly, thus improving your overall customer service. Invoices will be sent out quickly and efficiently – and you may even be able to accept payments on the spot. These advantages make checking out different software options worthwhile.