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Can't help on a course, but I will give a few pointers to ease some of the stress.
You really only need to worry about sec26 ( electrical) sec 27 & 28 ( data/communication)
Check section 25 ( mechanical ) line voltage for the pumps, motion sensor sinks etc, and hvac stuff, low voltage controls by others ( not you)
And the section for door hardware ( auto doors) and washrooms ( hand dryers)
Your E drawings will have 95% of the stuff you have to bid on.
M drawings - check the location of the fans, pumps etc: they will be marked on your electrical but I don't trust the copy and paste concept of making drawings.
You may have a ME drawing, which will give you a schedule of the pumps and fans. That schedule will tell you what type of starters and controls you will be responsible for.

Watch for cash allowances, utility payments, sections you have supply eg: card access, security, arc fault design,
Use the estimating department from your wholesaler. They will help you learn to do take offs, and may even do the 'A' material takeoff for you.

Quantity is the easy part. Labour, is a different thing altogether.

You can either estimate by assemblies, or labour material. Such as 4.5 hours a hundred feet of 3/4 emt on a 6 ft ladder, or $150 per switch. Whatever way you are comfortable.
If you need a hand, Craftsmen software has a demo for electrical estimating which will give you a broad idea.

Once you have your material and labour all figured, you have to compile it.
Make sure you munber your takeoff sheets, so you don't forget one.
Add, trenching, backfilling, shipping, coring, garbage, supervision , tool rental, gas, parking, permits etc etc etc. Make sure you have all the stuff you have to spend money on.

OR, hire an estimator
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