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ETL listing- is it a good listing or a fly by night ?

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Have some trac fixtures , 120 v in and a built in xfmr to take em down to 12v that mounts in the canopy. I have issues with the amount of heat generated by the doughnut shaped magnetic xfmr's, the heat overload breakers built into the canopy, and the ETL mark where I would expect to see UL. The fixtures worked fine, until I later installed the dimmers the lighting house supplied with the fixtures. Soon as I installed those (Lutron Diva's magnetic) the little overload sensors began popping out and doing a cutout. We started with supplied Led lamps mr-16 style, and then switched to halogen mr-16's to see if that helps. Nope. Then I unscrewed the canopy and did a trial bypass of the heat sensors altogether just to test. The trac has 6 lamps, with Led's at 1.5 watts each the load was quite small. But the canopy housing the xfmr got too hot to touch. I shot my laser thermometer at it- reads 115 deg on the outside of the canopy. Mikey don't likey. This fixture is a suspended rail type from Tech Lighting. Big dollars. I'm getting very uncomfortable with the whole thing. I wanna tell em something concrete to get them to take em back, but it has to be something solid. What about this ETL listing? Is it ok?
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I have seen those lights melt all the insulation of wires... One house i was in it melted the hot so bare it turned the flex it was contained in to a giant hot cable running through the house. First time i ever saw my boss say i ain't touching that and run out to the panel to shut it off.
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