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So I have been bidding jobs like crazy, running around, and building the business. Today I strapped on the tools for the first time, besides some basic service stuff, and bent some conduit.......I should have stayed in the truck!:laughing::laughing:

I got done with an offset, four point saddle, and another offset. Took a look at it, what dogged legged POS! I sat there and laughed for a second, looked over at our apprentice and said "I suppose this is where I leave, and the rest of you sit around and talk about how I "used" to be a good electrician":laughing::laughing:

I guess I'm a little rusty with the bender.:thumbup:
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Yeah, I know how to do it and how to get back into it. It is just funny how quickly some of our skills are taken for granted by us.

On another thought, Isn't that why I went into business for myself? To get out of the field before I'm 70!:laughing::laughing:
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