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Hey maybe a bit late but maybe this is it

460v x 14a= 6440VA

make your power triangle with that as the hypotenuse then

6440 x .8pf =5152Watts put this on the bottom of the same triangle then

Pythagoras: 6440(2) -5152(2) = square root the answer = 3864 VARS.. add this to vertical or triangle

those are Vars of inductance so if you subtract the added vars of capacitance:

3864-2386=1478 VARS

if you do pythagoras again with the same VA and the new VARS then:

6440(2) - 1478(2) = sqr rt = 6268 Watts


hope it helps a bit, I'm doing 4th year right now, IP in a week
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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