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This request is for the British Columbia Electrical Industry.
I have met..at least I should have met the physics 11 classroom requirement to enter into the apprentice program. The program starts in the fall. The Electrical Joint Training Committee or ***c.org said even after passing my physics 11, the score is possibly not high enough "I got a c" and recommend I buy their books before taking there physics entry exam. The training starts in the fall. The other requirements, pass them my resume, high school transcript.

I am not willing to wait till the fall for training and so, willing to work for a non union electrical company. In the past few years, I have installed Low Voltage Electrical equipment. That means, Voice, Switches, Routers, Data Racks, fuel station fuel controllers, Analog and Ethernet Based PA systems, LOTS of POS terminals, and Ran and Certified hundreds of thousands of feet of cat5, cat6, 25 pair from start to finish. The construction in stores as large as 185,000 feet in size to old Heritage buildings Free air, In conduit, In risers, in Conduit running in Concrete. Try and run cat5 ethernet in a existing token ring conduit for a shopping mall!. Challenging to say the least because the conduit was only designed to run a loop cable in serial from junction box to junction box and return to the data closet.

When LV techs make mistakes, I correct them. I was called to TWO sites, to fix some cross connect/Telus programming issues. One site, Old navy, I was tech number four to fix there issues. Another site, was a major flagship store. That was a bit ridiculous because have the trunks were not even programmed and have the cross connects were not connected. I also had to straiten out the trunk connection at the data rack up stairs so the Avaya Line numbers would light in the correct order.

I have been a technician for most of my life and looking at working for non union electrical company to work for. I have started my application process so if anyone knows of a non union company in Vancouver that is hiring let me know :)
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