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Extending Three Phase?

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I am currently working on a project where there is an existing 3-phase supply feeding an existing plant room where the current meter etc. is located. How easy is it to run an extension off the 3-pahse supply after the meter to a new additional plant room? What main equipment would be needed.

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If you gotta ask that here you need experienced help planning and doing the work.

As unclebill says its not as easy as " extending "

You need all sorts of info

Are you a contractor ??


I gotta concur with Bill also. ANYONE who is qualified to do work such as this would not be asking this question, especially the way it is worded.
The question as asked sounds like a DIY'er.

Sorry Stu, I'd honestly find someone to sub this out to if you are in charge of getting it done.
Yes, I certainly won't be attempting this, I am a Mechanical Engineer and not too ‘clued up’ on the electrical side. I was just curious to know how easily this could be done, I assume its more a question of balancing across all three phases and loadings etc.

Thanks for your help.
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