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Fastest path to the office

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Ive been in construction related field for more than 15 years but only about 8 years as commercial/industrial wireman as I used to flip small houses. And I am so close to getting my license. However, I want to get into an office position. I took some time off to flip properties, so I dont technically work for a company now. I want to work in an electrical role at a commercial or industrial firm. Problem is that I hear most of us Union guys have to maybe take a paycut or nepotism steers its head. Anyone out there go to the office? Is it easier to start as an estimator, project manager etc???I do have a degree in project management, but just never actually started as an official proejct manager.

I know this doesn't have to be a Union topic but with the high pay and the who you know aspect it can be hard to ignore in the IBEW.

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When they call themselves a project manager I always ask them to tell me what is the critical path for the job and they look at me with question mark eyes........
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Some of these responses are surprising. Lot of misinformation. And question for author, why would you go from engineer to PM? That is a pay reduction.
And also people here saying PM, estimator, or both is a pay cut from electrician? Shouldn't be. Look at the US standard for each of those positions. In my experience and research, Sr Estimators make the most of the four positions we're talking about here unless the electrician is working more than 40hrs consistently a week. And I am not talking about 1 man show guys. A good PM position is not far under a Sr Estimator and close to par with a well paid electrician, estimator only, would be the lower of all for most construction co's.
My situation is somewhat unique where I am, but I am not going to get into it. However I have interviewed at other places for PM and or estimator and have a good idea what pay is. Plus I do a lot of homework for most things electrical construction business related. Estimator is easiest of all the jobs IMO, no management responsibility. Sr. Est does both and more. I am 52, and would rather be in a warm office when it is 15deg and a AC office when it is 90 degrees. I do go out and do work in the field sometimes when I either volunteer, or no one else qualified to run something. Do I ever want to get out of the office...Hell Yeah. But all jobs have there down sides. You just need to choose what is right for you.
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