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If any of you have a Fibre Case tool box I think you might like to know that Fibre Case does not sell replacement parts. I have one that the inner tray collapsed because someone set something heavy on top of it. Did not hurt the box just the inner tray. I called them this week and they told me that they would not sell replacement parts. I do not know if this is a new policy or not.
Other than that they seem to be perty good boxes.
I did spend a large part of Saturday building a replacement tray out of 3/8 plywood today.
Fibre Case tool boxes are the tool boxes that most elevator service guys carry. I do not know why that is it must be like a badge of honor or something but every elevator man I ever knew carried his tools in one.
I used mine to store some of my specialized tools in that do not use every day .
Just thought someone might want to know.


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