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Are regular floodlight fixtures not being made anymore?
Well maybe not regular, but the cheapo motion/dusk-dawn floods sold at the box stores, such as the Health-Zenith brand.

I don't like these lights but I had to replace one for a customer. I went to Lowes to get one because they had three more and wanted them to match.

Anyway, when I got back to the customer's and took the light out of the box, I saw that they weren't regular par type housings. These were smaller and had halogen bulbs already installed.

I went to the same isle/shelf these lights are always on, the box looked the same, but I didn't notice they were halogens!:censored:

So instead of taking it back, I just took the sensor/photo cell off the new light and put it on the old.

Is the end of par type fixtures or maybe just this brand?
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