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Anybody has experience with Fluke 375? It's a true RMS meter and I am concerning about the reading responding time, especially when read the current from the clamp. I need some advice before I buy this clamp meter.

I am an electrician working in manufacture sector. Currently, I have 2 Ideal clamp meters, 61-701 and 61-774. Also I have a Fluke 1587, mainly for insulation testing.

Ideal 61-701 is a 200A clamp meter and is my daily carrying around meter, doing my 95% of job. the only thing I would complain about this meter is the resistance range, only 0-200 and 200k. I have used it for more than 10 years and I want to replace it with a meter which has cat 3 1000v/cat 4 600v rating.

I only use Ideal 61-774 (1000A)for DC current. I don't like this meter, it's a true RMS meter and the reading responding time is slow. Especially when I read the current from the clamp.

the reasons i choose Fluke 375 are
1. not too bulky,388g for the weight (ideal 701 is 330 g and 774 is 490g)
2. with DC current, so I don't need going back to the shop to pickup the 774.

But I am not sure how fast the reading of the Fluke 375 because it's a true RMS meter. I know it"s hard to make a line with fast and slow, it depends on personal experience.

I need your guys feed back. For me, fast reading weights more than true RMS.

thanks ahead
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