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Fluke 376 AC Current

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Dear Members.
I am using Fluke 376 to measure AC current in my industrial plant, since it can measure upto 2500AC current, it is not fulfilling my requirement as my load varies upto 3000AC current and my Fluke 376 stops giving reading after approximately 2650AC ampere.

Can someone guide me any meter which can measure upto 5000AC or atleast 3000AC Amp so that my problem is solved.

Thank you
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Welcome aboard @vicky58911!

I agree with the two posts already here, measure each circuit on each phase and total or use the flex clamp for total read.

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Dear members,
Thank you all for your quick suggestions, I have found a clamp meter of SANWA DCL3000R which can measure AC current upto 3000A, the link is attached below,

I want to ask that since I am using SANWA for the first time, is it worth to replace it with FLUKE or should I stick to Fluke only? your expert comments are highly appreciated.
Thank you
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