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Good tool for meters without a low z function.

A solenoid tester will perform mostly the same as a meter with a low z function.

You can also use a light bulb (appropriately rated for the suspect voltage of course) alligator clipped in parallel with your test leads.

Then again, if your meter is reasonably new, but doesn't have a low z, for the sake of $50, why not? If you're sure you won't loose it, it's a handy tool to have when it's needed.

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I have one at work . Then I made one for my own meters . I took a double banana plug and put a 3K 1% resistor across it. Put some heavy heat shrink around it. Works fine and a lot less expensive than the Fluke. Only use it on low voltage circuits.
And then only to verify if it is ghost voltage Never use it in regular trouble shooting only when I suspect ghost voltage.

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