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Flukeview Forms software

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Just wondering whether anyone has used the flukeview forms software?? Is it any good? Save time? Please give me some feedback as i would be very interested.


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I use flukeview, but this is a power quality/load reporting software OK but weak report writer.

You have a link to the forms software you are asking about.
Hey Brian John, would you share the love?
Regarding flukeview?

This software is utilized to import data into from specific fluke test equipment utilized in power quality inspections, load surveys and acceptance test.


Did some reading on the fluke web site and see forms is a lite version of the above with some added features.


I own one or more of the following for work as described above, I have used other products to a varying degree, the only issue with the fluke software is the additional work required to compile a report.
430 series

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Regarding flukeview?

This software is utilized to import data into from specific fluke test equipment utilized in power quality inspections, load surveys and acceptance test.

what type of acceptance tests are you doing (if any?), i'm guessing you do more work with larger 3phase systems.

With generators, ATS, UPS and static switches (electronic ATS) we monitor the systems as we load the systems to capacity with load banks 100KW-5 Megawatt. Checking load capacity and monitoring waveforms during transfers, voltage and frequency anomalies as the systems are loaded and unloaded, IRing the equipment under load and battery discharge test.
wow, and i thought our 600amp DC load bank was impresive. do you use any alber equipment?
I own and utilize 5 Alber Celcorders, I do not utilize their cell monitors, I have complete 1000's of battery inspections and 100's of battery discharges test and for acceptance testing I see this as unnecessary. I have only had it spec'd once. Sub'd that out to a friend.

The load banks I own 2-250KW, rent the rest or sub it to an associate.
we (my boss) just purchased a cellcorder, and the 600A dc load bank. so far we're getting good use out of the cellcorder but the loadbank from alber doesn't work. the thing is only drawing 10% of the current it should be. my boss has been fighting with alber to get this resolved for a few weeks now, and we think they don't have any idea whats wrong.

as for the acceptance test we just got a contract for a few new strings of tyco VRLA batteries that we just put in. as far as i understand we're only acceptance testing to meet warranty requirements.
If this is a one time thing or needs ASAP try Canon Load banks they, manufacture, sell and rent on line.

The deal with DC load Banks is there area variety of DC links, 24, 48, 120, 240, 540 VDC. easier to rent IMO as needed.
its going to be a long term deal hopefully, we bought the equipment (all $50k of it) for a capacity testing contract with cox communications, and the acceptance tests. they have 20+ sites most with several strings, all 48 volt systems.
You have a background in DC systems?
does 2 months count?
no, i just got out of trade school in october and started full time with a friend of my fathers. my boss has been doing dc power work for years along with plenty of ac work, he started out on his own about 3 years ago. i'm getting a good mix of both, but more dc recently.
tomorrow i get to go replace 8 GNB cells in a string with about 28 inches of space between the modules and the wall. should be interesting.
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