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Future Apprentice

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Hello guys I'm just starting out in the electrical field I am currently 21 years old I have a degree in Criminal Justice Law Enforcement, I just had my interview at the ibew local 158 in Green Bay, WI for an construction electrician apprentice. Just got a letter back about a week after the interview saying I was ranked in the top ten out of the people who interviewed, but could not be given my exact ranking due to confidentiality. I guess I'm looking for maybe some insight from others who have been in a similar scenario as me and their expierences with how long before they have heard anything back success rates, others who have made it into apprentice programs through the ibew, etc, all opinions and thoughts would be helpful thanks a lot.
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The best thing you could do right now is work as a helper (or c.w. as its now called) while waiting for an apprenticeship. Often times they pick guys right off the street with no experience for apprenticeships as long as they've done the one year electricity class at NWTC. Since it appears you didn't go this route (neither did I) gaining relevant experience is your best bet.
I kinda have a feeling they're going to put on a sizeable class this year. Our shop alone is going to need a handful of apprentices for a road lighting job in marinette this summer. I'd just call Ron at the hall and tell him you want to get started right away.
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