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Garage power supply

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Hi, new to this site so apoligies if this question has or may have been answered before.
I have have just bought a new house complete with a garage (ex-council type) some 20 metres away from the house and seperated by a communial footpath. I am looking to run a permanant supply from the house to a seperate c.u. in the garage to provide power for sockets & lighting. My main problem is im not sure who to speak with regarding this, (obviously i cant take a stillsaw to the footpath!) I would imagine the local council or Scottish Power will be my first port of call but i was wondering if anyone out there has went through this proceedure before, who to speak to, costs etc.
I am a qualified electrical fitter/draughtsman so I know what im doing but will the relevant authority allow me to run/connect up if they simply dig the channel for it? apoligies if this seems a bit daft im not totally up to date with residential regulations I work on warships for a living.

Any help with this would be great thanks.
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Scotland uses different elecktrickery than England, so this is the England viewpoint:jester:

Down here if you have to cross any 'publicly owned' land ie road, path, land etc there is usually a huge problem, sorry to say. Wayleaves, permits, paperwork forever. From personal experience...buy a cheap {and quiet} generator:whistling2:

Sorry it is not what you want to here
ok thankas for the advice, seems like the only thing to do as few colleagues have advised the same
It's always worthwhile speaking to the local authority. They are there to advise you, and usually quite helpful.
An overhead line might be more acceptable, if it meets height legislation (think bin lorries, etc.): I believe 5.2m is the minimum allowable height above ground. 20m isn't a lot to cover, and if you don't have enough height in your house, then a pole at the nearest point of your property to the garage, and a pole extending upwards from the garage itself, might be a solution. To be honest, most Fifers would just bang one in, and worry about it later... :001_huh:
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