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Gas line bonding, BC

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Inspector wants the gas line in a commercial kitchen bonded. There’s an EMT run next to the gas line but he won’t let me bond to that, he says it needs to go to the panel. I’m not going to fight him on it, I’m just wondering why. I’m in a new town and I don’t want to get on the wrong side of an inspector so I’m asking you guys. 😊
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It's not well written, but like most equipotential bonding you have to take a #6 back to your grounding bus in your main distribution.
Care to supply a code reference?

The key here is also that a conductor is always being referenced. No substitute for the conductor is made.
Second last paragraph of 10-700 in Appendix B may be of interest to you.

Maybe you have code amendments on these in British California?
Each of these materials, when adequately interconnected, form and effective equipotential plane."
There is nothing grey. So you run a #6 to the black iron gas line. Do you run another #6 to the next section of black pipe past the joint? Jumper every joint?

Of course not. So now that we have established an equipontential plane can be created without the use of a #6 copper conductor to each part of the plane, go back and read the whole section again. Your EP needs to start at the ground bus, yes, and realistically how else would you make that connection without a copper conductor? After that, the code has allowances for the interconnection of the various parts of the plane.
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Let's use the example of a mobile home. Panel is at one end, lets say the back. You drop a #6 down to bond the frame.

Now some gas gets added at the front of the home. Code allows you to bond that gas to the nearest part of the plane with any material suitable for that connection. Around here that is a pipe clamp and a proper connection to the frame.

It's not likely anyone will remove the frame in the future so is it necessary to run the length of the home with a #6?
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