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Gas line bonding, BC

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Inspector wants the gas line in a commercial kitchen bonded. There’s an EMT run next to the gas line but he won’t let me bond to that, he says it needs to go to the panel. I’m not going to fight him on it, I’m just wondering why. I’m in a new town and I don’t want to get on the wrong side of an inspector so I’m asking you guys. 😊
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It is an inspector requirement here in Southern Alberta to run it back to the panel as well, despite there not being a specific rule for it. The reasoning they give is to reduce the chance of having the bond path interrupted. I've questioned it after being called on it awhile back because I ran some #6 from a gas line to a nearby junction box and tied it into the bond wire there. Theoretically that should have been sufficient as there is no provision in the code that calls for it to be installed back to the service. There is, however, a mention in the Standata for bonding gas lines that suggests the bond be run back to the service or grounding electrode. It wasn't a hill to die on so that is the way it gets done now.


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Probably the same thing others have said mobius. The box can be removed in a reno. With the bond going back to the main distribution it is unlikely to ever be touched again. Similar with the suit panel, the panel can be moved in a reno, but it's unlikely.
I'm not arguing the reasoning, and I agree that running back to the service is the best practice. My point was that it is an inspector requirement, not a code or amendment. The amendment here in Alberta does suggest to do it a certain way, but does not make it a requirement, and there may or may not be something similar in BC. This all goes back to the OP's question where someone working out of their normal area and not familiar with the local inspector may do things that are technically acceptable (and may be acceptable in other areas), but will still get you a violation from that particular inspector.
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