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Gas/Oil Emergency Switch

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Hey Gang,

I and most of you have seen this Gas/Oil Emergency Switch (see pic below) on the stairs leading to the basement or near said equipment if the house is on a slab (sans basement).

Are there any code references to it's placement?

I have a situation where it is located in a stairwell to a basement where the gas furnace is. The stairs are being demolished and it is being turned in a storage pantry with a floor, shelves and the original door.

Can I leave it in there or do I need to move it to the new stairs/stairwell?



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If the equipment is In a boiler room in the basement, you should be able put it outside the boiler room. If it's an unfinished basement, then it has to be at the basement entrance ( usually at the top of the stairs.
Does anybody know if this is an acceptable substitute to the red plate. Some customers don't like to see it, Especially when there's 3 gas furnaces in a basement, and a 3-gang red plate.

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