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generator circuit size and size of conductors

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I have a generator to install. My customer bought a 7500 watt generator... its peak watt output is something like 9000 watts, but the running watts are 7500. The unit has a 30 amp receptacle. I'm wondering if I need to upsize my conductors.
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There are multiple breakers on the unit. I think it has 2 each 30 amp, and several 20 amp. http://www.costco.com/.product.1000...vc=itempageVerticalRight|CategorySiloedViewCP The link here is for the unit itself, costco sells it. - It has little reset buttons, not the typical breaker like I would have expected. No matter, I would expect they should still function the same.

I'm looking at section 445.13 of the nec
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