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For you guys that install generators, especially Generac, how do you deal with this:

702.7 Signals. Audible and visual signal devices shall be
provided, where practicable, for the following purposes.
(1) Derangement. To indicate derangement of the optional
standby source.
(2) Carrying Load. To indicate that the optional standby
source is carrying load.
Exception: Signals shall not be required for portable
standby power sources.
and this:

702.8 Signs.
(A) Standby. A sign shall be placed at the service-entrance
equipment that indicates the type and location of on-site
optional standby power sources. A sign shall not be required
for individual unit equipment for standby illumination.
And what is "derangement"?

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Around here EC's make stickers up stating that theres an optional power supply located at the ne corner of the house , for example. And slap it on the meter. In case of emergency the fire dept will pull the meter, this will let him know theres a generator on the premises.

Edit: this ones made by a generator contractor


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