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Gives new meaning to the word backstab

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Do they still make these?

They look like a lawyer's wet dream.

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Those are still put in mobile homes that are being manufactured as we speak. There are a few companies in this area that manufacture these homes, but those devices are no where to be found, I wouldn't use one if they were. The good news is, a little trimming of the Sheetrock will allow for a pop-in box, and new devices, bad news is, you can't use a 20ci pop in as the walls are only about 2-1/2" deep. You must use the 14ci. I hate those things...
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Legacyelectric said:
Seems like I've only seen them in single wide trailers? Double wides from recollection have regular devices/enclosures... Could be wrong, but seems that way.
That all depends on the manufacturer of the home, and the level of quality they choose, so you are most likely correct.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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