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So with the hurricane approaching, I know I will be losing power.. I have access to a little Honda generator that has 120v outlets only.. my well pump is 240v. Pretty sure it's a 3/4hp. It would sure be nice to have water through this..
I had the thought of scabbing some sort of boost transformer together. I've got a couple 400w mh ballasts around I could parallel and get 277 out of... probably burn up the pump, transformer and my house :D that's the bad idea
I've basically been a brainless parts installer since school. Motors and transformers were never my strong suit.
Any ideas?
Yeah yeah head to diychat.. I know... 馃檮
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This is what I was thinking. Be easy to check and do. I saw someone run a 240V bitcoin miner power supply this way from two different receptacles in his apartment. Two extension cords to a 240v recept in a 4 square with industrial cover. Not recommended and I had to shake my head and give him a lecture but it was apparently working.
There's a guy on eBay that sells them. Comments are turned off...
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