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greenlee 5882 megger

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I just bought my first megger and have been experimenting to help me better understand readings. Using a chunk of 14/2 bx I attach one lead to the armour and the other lead to a stripped end of the conductor. On 250 500 and 1000 volt settings my reading is always OL. Being that the megger is rated for 2000Mohms I expected that to be the max value and not OL. I then took strippers and cut and nicked the conductor insulation in various places expecting it would show some variation in my reading but still read OL. unless I am not properly understanding the megger should I not get some leakage due to the damaged insulation and also why do I read OL in perfect conditions instead of the meter max of 2000Mohm? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Take some paper and scribble a lot of crap connect the megger and check the readings add more marks or move the leads around.
:thumbsup: I use the pencil lead trick to demonstrate the power of meggers and hipots to greenies. Couldn't remember where I learned it, apparently it was from you.
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