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Ive got a lot of rods to driver so im looking at a driver attachment that goes on a hilti 3000 demolition hammer.

I really need something like the post guys used on my conduits

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Bounced off the PVC then sheared a 2" RIGID coupling and pushed the conduit down 8 inches. It's not as rusty as it looks.

Oh, and if anyone knows the name/brand of a underground PVC repair kit that would be helpful.
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Depending on the chuck of the tool you decide to use they make a ground rod bit for the SDS Plus, SDS MAX, and Spline drive hammers. And its been my experience that the ground rods we ran in TELCO and DATA sites, the Demolition Hammers like the mentioned HILTI 3000 and smaller air run hammers all would slip a 3/4" ground rod directly into the chuck and generally didn't even need a purpose made bit.

Milwaukee, DeWalt, Boch, Makita, Hilti and many many others all make them and easy to find online.

Makita 751102-A 1-1/8X7-Inch Ground Rod Driver
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21 - 26 of 26 Posts