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It is the problem i run into with all home inspectors, sorry i left out that title. I wasnt sure on the disconnect as i dont run into multi meter assemblies other then the occasional two on a single family house. I couldnt figure out his stance on the grounding, it was one of those "Im sure its right but now I feel compelled to make sure" Hey better to be humble and ask then cocky and sued right...
Welcome to HI hell Nigmas.

Rule #1, you're the pro , they are not.

If & When it comes down to that letter from some nefarious attorney in your company mail , that's all the courts will focus on.

So, if you're handed a document of electrical woes , i would highly suggest you document in turn everything asked and everything performed by your company.

In the case where you may have some entity less than literate, create your own document , and save it to file

Backing it up with code references is a plus, mentioning glaring code and/or life safety violations that you were not asked to address is also a good idea.

Make sure to include it in your invoice back to whatever entity asked you in and/or is paying for the job.

Trust me in that you'll feel much better having documented the exchange down the road should you feel the leather of a litigant boot up your azz

Good Luck

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