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I come seeking some information in regards to grounding. I am an installer of two way satellite dish ssystems for Internet. We have a ground wire attached to our RG6 cable which runs from the dish to the electrical panel or to the meter box outside. The dish and cable is then grounded to electrical system.

From time to time i have issues with the houses grounding not being good and i assume it is putting out a voltage which is then going back into our system......

I had a person tell me today that you can test the power mast, meter and panel with a volt meter to see if it is indeed putting off electricity....Does this make sense? how would i go about doing it? and what kind of a reading am i looking for?

Thank You
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Halfwatt, or HO? You make the call.

How would i tell? its mostly just residential not to much commercial.
take a night course in basic electrical theory. most of your questions will be answered there, and it should also help you evolve in your job.
What is the actual problem you're encountering?
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