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I'm in Texas at relatives and looking at their electrical. The first picture is the ground trany/meter. Three wires coming from the Meter enclosure. Bonded ground/neutral at the right hand disco. Four wires to panel at the side of house. That panel is not bonded. No ground rods at either location. The is a ground wire going from one of the panels at the house(far right) but that is not connected to the other house panel.

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What do you think.
I am excited to see unistrut in someone's back yard for a change...that's great. Another thing I would mention is that a grounding rod/electrode is necessary...everywhere. Some AHJ's say "at the meter", I say it does not matter as long as it is at the primary disconnect. Some schools of thought is that the farther outside of the premises...the better, and it makes sense in the event of a lightning strike. Also, if at least one of the supporting posts is galvanized and at least eight feet into the earth...and the system is attached to it with an appropriate grounding attachment to the NEUTRAL, all is good..
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