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Guitar amp issue, need help

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Hey guys,

First of all, feel free to move this post if I'm in the wrong forum (I'm new on here.)

I recently bought a Vox AC30VR (valvereactor, a hybrid tube/solid state amp) and when i first tried it, nothing was wrong. It sounded good. But when I got it cranked up at home, it sounded distorted/overdriven on the clean channel, even though i did not play at a high volume or with any gain. It was not the classic, crisp tube overdrive that you get when you crank it up a lot.

It was a thin, weird kind of distortion. The kind you get when power is low or eventual batteries in the guitar pickups are dying. But I have tested this amp with several guitars and cables, and besides, the guitars and cables i used work fine on other amps in my house or outside my house.

I brought the amp to my local music store, and the amp suddenly sounded as it was supposed to; great. But back home again, it was back to bad. Moreover, the amp does not play as loud at home as i think it is capable of (I think).

What could this be? Thanks in advance!
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