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Had a service call yesterday morning. Customer stated his well pump and furnace would not work. He told me that he bought the lot and new trailer in 1989. A guy he knew who was an old time coal miner put the service in for him:eek::laughing:

Double tapped load lugs of the breaker with aluminum and copper conductors under each lug with very minimal noalox. :whistling2: Corrosion city.

There was a second disco on the pole for the garage so he double tapped this breaker to feed the trailer and garage disco.

I did replace the disco and install a PVC box to splice the feeders with Polaris taps, but I'm not posting that pic:whistling2:

We are scheduled to go back to change the trailer feeder to 4 wire URD instead of service cable.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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