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Hazzardous locations

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Does anyone know if a vehicle inspection pit where no work is performed would be a classified location? It is just for the visual inspection of the braking system. But of course the truck would be holding fuel above the pit. This is an open pit with no roof or building around it. I am just having a problem figuring out if im using emt with compression fittings, pvc, or rigid conduit on this job. I will call the local inspector in the am and find out for sure.
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If you're dealing with only diesel trucks, it's probably not a hazardous location. If there might be some gasoline powered vehicles inspected in that building, I'm betting that it sure is. Electricians don't normally get involved with determining the boundaries of the hazardous location. That normally requires an EE's seal on a document to that effect.
This is not inside a building and is for the State. That is why im confused a bit here. The pit itself is open to the air. No building over it at all. I am 99% sure that as long as the wiring is protected from physical damage it will be all good. That is why im thinking emt with compression fittings. The State has no prints on any of this install. No EE. No anything. The equipment is not even UL approved yet. No fuel will be stored in the area. It's only for commercial vehicles.
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