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In this dentist im wiring up I need HCF cable for the patient care rooms. I've ran PVC under concrete to the chair locations for the rooms. Anyone know if I can just run a redundant grand threw the PVC or am I gonna get busted on inspection for not having my redundant ground
running threw my conduit. Should I have ran rigid conduit?

Fluke Skywalker
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Speaking of stupid inspectors.

Yesterday I had an inspection for a footer ground (UFER, CEE, whatever)

Super calls and says the inspector wants to talk to me.
Says to look at table 250.66 and says I need a 2/0 for 800A service based on 1000kcmil.
I say ok but look at 250.66 b. no larger than #4 is required.
He says ok I will pass it???

Mind you it is all of 2" down and to the left on the same page in the 2008 book.

This is the chief electrical inspector for East Baton Rouge Parish for longer than I have done electrical work.

This is an ongoing problem and really gets old.

These people need Charlie's Rule on the underside of their hats.
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