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Hello and intro

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Hi to all out there. i am currently serving in the Army and last year i completed a distance electricians course. i am trying to gain experience as an electrician doing little jobs.
i was told about this website and hopefully i will be able to use experienced electricians knowledge to help me.
currently i am a fitness instructor in the army so any advice needed on the physical side don't hesitate.
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Welcome and THANK You for your service.:thumbsup:

This site covers it all,you won't be let down.
Greetings and welcome!
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Welcome Poleta.
A word of caution. Try to learn before you do. Electric is not a place to learn as you go, unless you are being taught first hand as in OJT.

What is your location?
Welcome! :thumbsup:
when you finish your obligation with your branch of service I would like to employ you.
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