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My one person company is Precision Works Electrical-Mechanical. Started in 2002 & do mostly commercial/industrial installation, repair & troubleshooting. Since my business is located in the Absolute Middle of Nowhere I also offer gunsmithing & machine shop services.

Troubleshooting is my favorite activity since it's a lot like solving a puzzle with a few pieces missing. Most work is 240 or 480 on energized equipment & panels so I suit up with the required arc flash gear (HRC2*) & always go at least one level higher.

An interesting job was working on a very old 480 overhead bridge crane that used four large exposed copper bus bars & spring loaded brass or copper shoes to provide power to the trolley & hoist motors. Work was done 30' above the shop floor from a JLG lift, arc flash PPE & fall protection PPE, temp up there must have been 140°F (mid summer). I was happy to get that one finished.

Married for 40+ years, one son & one daughter, three grand daughters, four dogs (2 in the house, 2 in the shop). Planning to retire when my heart stops beating :)

(Photo taken before the 2012 NFPA70E changes that now require ear plugs, balaclava & arc rated jacket/pants)
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