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Hello from the UK.

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Hi everyone, I'm from the Romford area which is about 30k east of London.

I have a JTL apprenticeship and the C&G certs ( not sure what though as there seem to be many variations:whistling2:) I know that it isn't a patch on apprenticeships from 20yrs ago.

I find it very interesting to see how things are done across the pond, certainly it has made me want to improve my knowledge of UK regs etc, and not just cruise along without technical knowledge.

Regards Wills.
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Hi Wills

Time to really start listening and learning.

Welcome. Frank.
Wills, a word from the wise

Never praise anything, as soon as you do it will break!
Volunteer for nothing otherwise you will end up marrying it; it saves a lot of hassle
Be as numb as you can for as long as you can!
Try to learn something new every day
Get as much variation and hands -on as you can eg alarms, control, distribution, data, comms, MICC , conduit, tray, trunking etc etc

I know some of the above contradicts itself but you get my general drift:whistling2:
Welcome to the forum! :thumbsup:
Look I am no genius, I barely get by on a day to day basis, one thing that has helped be as I learn something about this profession we work in is a diverse work expierence. Some electricians are happy doing just one thing and bless them, me I need different things to occupy my simple mind.

BUT more important is READ, READ, READ everything you can about the trade. If you take ona new endeavor read, ask and try.

There are several types of electricians..

Scared for their jobs, won't teach anything.
Lazy teach you everything hoping you will do my job as I sit on my tushie.
ADHD (bored) (ME) teach you everything hoping you will do my job as I try something different.
Don't care, don't know, do not teach anything just want 8 hours.
Jerks, treat apprentices poorly.
Average to above average, do good work, care about their jobs, work when needed.
Excellent, hard workers with a natural ability to pick up what ever is thrown their way, these guys teach, learn and are much neeed.
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Greetings and welcome!
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