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Hello, I'm a new member here and this is my first post. I am so happy I ran into this sight as it has been very helpful to me. I recently just had my interview for the JATC local 164 in New Jersey. I received a letter a couple days following that went as follows:

"Since your oral interview with the JATC the committe has decided to further consider your application for the Apprenticeship Program.

However, the JATC has not made any decision on applicant selections for entry into the Program at this time. When it does, you will be notified at that time whether or not you are selected. If you are not selected, your name will remain on a Ranked Eligibility List for future selections for 2 years from your interview."

Is this the letter most people got before they began to assembles classes or does everyone receive these? I mean, this has to be a postive letter in which I haven't been immediatley disqualified. The anxiety is killing me guys, dying to get in.....
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