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Help! I need a tool bag.

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I'm finding that I need a tool bag. What's hot out there today by those who use them? Since I'm brand new to this trade I can't say what project they will be putting me on next so the bag must be versatile and have utility. Thanks. I've just finished my third day. Were bringing power to a large lot that will become condos. Temp Power 600A service for crane and whatever else will be needed. Trenching 4" PVC from Utility vault, CT can, Transformer. Setting up load side- ha not me. Cutting 2 1/2" liquid tight---That's fun, yeah right. Driving 8' ground rods with impact hammer. This is hard & fun at the same time!
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I lean towards a brief case, but for your end of the industry that would not be practical.

There are a lot of bags, buckets and boxes out there look for something that will be organized and allow you to see whats missing in a glance, for me I think something like the bucket buddy would be nice supplemented by a metal tool box.
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