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Hello to all

i have the same problem with a VF-0 machine,but this one doesnt have a delta - wye contactors, it is wired in wye mode trough the vfd to the motor.

like i read in the post of George D , i have the same issue the motor has a jerk behavior when it runs.
in the ocations when it not run, the needle of the load in the operator panel goes to 100% but no response or movement on the spindle or motor.

this are the things that i try, and the measures that i have made.

Regen resistor 9 ohms (beteewn leads ) and 9 Mohms to Ground.
Motor leads A-b / B-C / A-C 1.1 ohms , any reads to ground.

i connnect the motor leads directly to the main power and drive by an external contactor and works fine, run smoothly and it feels free turning by hand.

i think to put some vfd like magnetek , or mitsubishi to this machine , couse the MOCON board has all the conectors, the only thing that i need to mane are the wired but a haas tech told me that if the machine doesnt bring a magnetek o mitsubishi you cant go fron VFD from haas to Magnetek.

i change a magnetek for a powerflex 70 on a vf0 once, that why i think it to do this.

i try to put some pictores of that later in the post, as i found the way :001_huh:

did you solve the problem?, what was it? the mocon? the vfd?.

i think as long as we could share information about the haas o any machine , the final user feels more friendly with it, and if you want to buy another or recomended to anyone to buy one, that brand will be your first thought.

thanks for your comments

best regards
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